Agile Video – a little more on how it works

Agile Video is about using forward planning techniques to determine who your target audiences are and where they are active, and then creating the kind of video or animated content they need.

In essence, it’s about creating multiple versions of the same explainer video but for different uses- micro videos for social media and mobile video advertising and longer form versions for your website, landing page or Youtube Channel- but doing this all at once as part of the same creative process

Agile is also about using flexible working routines that maximizes your marketing budgets. We do this by deploying production techniques that can create quality professional content which don’t necessarily mean big budgets and don’t compromise on quality. Most importantly, they don’t undermine your brand values.

Techniques such as

  • 1. Creating longer and shorter versions of the same video for different audiences in one process
  • 2 Animating existing static content by adding moves and audio to create new engaging animated content for your social media feeds
  • 3. Creating ‘modular’ and flexible scripts and storyboards so that your content is adaptable
  • 4. Editing and professionalizing content you have shot yourself on smartphones or HD cameras
  • 5. Using cost effective online animation software professionally
  • 6.Refreshing and repurposing existing content for multiple uses both internally and externally
  • 7.Maximising footage capture when deploying one of our professional film crews
  • 8. Using highly competitive ‘agile rate cards’.
  • 9. Only charging for our time- no added costs

But Agile Video is not just about content creation. It’s also about optimization. Ensuring that your audio-visual content is given the best opportunity of being viewed and actioned by your target audiences. Our video optimization experts will help you identify the online locations where your audiences are active and then deploy your video content in a way that maximizes the chances of them engaging with it. To get started why not send us one of your existing videos –or some content that needs animating – and we will turn it into an agile video- send it to us at

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