What is Agile Video Marketing?

Agile Video Marketing (AVM) is a more flexible, adaptable and sustainable way of creating high quality video and animated explainer content- and then optimizing it to ensure maximum engagement with your target audiences

agile video marketing

The days of sit back and watch corporate video are over. Today audiences want to consume shorter more relevant visual information that is useful to them.

Agile Video uses highly flexible storyboarding and scripting techniques to create modular video content on the same topic so multiple short and long form versions of video and animation content can be used for social media, content marketing and internal communications campaigns

Agile content is created in the right format, the right length and the right style based on planning and identifying the needs of target audiences and how and when they will consume.

Today you cannot make a video without knowledge of where content is consumed and why. You cannot make video blind. Having an expensive cliché riddled corporate video on your web site that no one ever watches is an expensive luxury you should no longer afford. Indeed, it can be doing more harm than good.

Instead you need modular audio-visual content that is created in the right format, the right length and the right style based on planning and identifying the needs of target audiences and how and when they will consume.

And AVM is not just about creating shorter form video and animated content it also about what you do with the content after it has been created and ensuring it is complimentary. So, video producers now need knowledge on how videos and animations are optimized and tracked so that when the content is created and distributed you can measure the ROI of your video investment.

Agile Video Marketing – How it works

Agile Video is about using forward planning techniques to determine who your target audiences are and where they are active, and then creating the kind of video or animated content they need.

Its then about writing highly creative ‘modular’ and flexible scripts and storyboards so that your content is adaptable into multiple versions of the same video but for different audiences on different channels

For example, a 2-minute product explainer video tends to be divided into four main elements. What the product is (30 seconds), how it works (30 seconds), Why the market needs it (30 seconds) and how you as a client will benefit from its features and services (30 seconds). By crafting the script and storyboard you can create 4 shorter sub videos plus 1 over view video. That’s 5 videos for the price of 1, however, it also means you have modular high-quality video content that can be shared appropriately via multiple channels to be viewed by your prospects and potential clients.

But Agile is more than just about Explainer videos and animations. It applies to all content. it is highly possible to create compelling engaging content without incurring huge cost by using techniques such as

  • Animating existing static content for your social media feeds
  • Editing and professionalizing content the client has shot themselves
  • Using cost effective online animation software professionally
  • Refreshing existing content for multiple uses both internally and externally
  • Maximizing footage capture when deploying one of our professional film crews
  • using highly competitive ‘agile rate cards’.

Why the time is right for Agile Video

Every marketing and communications manager needs high quality short form video and animated content.

Why?  Because its more engaging and watchable and up to 10 times more likely to be viewed than static text or graphics

Video now accounts for 52% of all web traffic and is set to grow and grow with mobile video consumption driving this growth

However, today audiences consume video and animated content at their own pace and in their own time.

So, Agile is all about planning great video content but also planning who is going to watch, and where they are going to watch it….

Whether it’s for social media feeds, or web channels, or internal communications Agile Video Marketing delivers regular high-quality content for all video communications – both B2B and B2C.

Agile Video content types

  • Knowledge video from key experts
  • Product service and proposition animations
  • Explainer videos,
  • Elevator pitch videos
  • Short product demos,
  • Infographics videos,
  • Video news
  • Video ads for mobile and social advertising campaigns
  • Recruitment videos
  • Video case studies and client testimonials
  • Training and insight videos

And the same content can then be used to communicate key internal and employee communications messages.

What is Agile Video optimisation?

Most people will be familiar with how you can use meta data to optimise individual videos so they can rank more highly on YouTube, however, very few take the trouble to do any pre-content optimisation research to identify the niche key words, search terms and phrases that your narrow audience segment is searching for and then applying these to your content.

Google loves quality video so the more compelling, engaging and relevant video and animation content you have the higher your website is likely to be ranked on search engines

So, deploying more advanced techniques such as Agile video optimisation is becoming essential to ensure your videos get noticed and viewed by your target audiences. You do this by using third party software tools to identify the niche key words, search terms and phrases and then applying these to ensure your content is fully optimised.

The other key part of Agile video optimisation is knowing how to use social video advertising techniques to maximize your video views across the key social channels- all of which now have their own native video advertising platforms including:

  • Linkedin video
  • Twitter video
  • Facebook video
  • Google AdWords for video
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Agile video marketing is also about knowing the best ways to use your short form content as video ads that can drive greater engagement and conversion on these social media channels.


The need to be ‘agile’ in today’s modern business world is becoming increasingly the norm and it is no different in the production and optimization of high quality video and animated content.

As the consumption habits of target audiences move more towards shorter byte sized audio-visual content you need the agility to not only know how to make content that meets these needs but more importantly know how to get the content watched and consumed.

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