Tip 5 – Use your clients to sell your business expertees

10 top tips to use video to drive Business Development in Business to Business Marketing #5

Client video testimonials can be a B2B marketer’s greatest asset as getting your customers to say positive things about you is far more powerful than saying it yourself.

Here are three key strategic reasons for you to deploy client video testimonials to turn them into powerful, persuasive marketing tools:

Referral Value – using clients who are not only satisfied but who become advocates of you and your brand can differentiate you from your competitors and make a vital difference in the buying decision making process.

Emotional Value – client testimonials can appeal to business buyers’ emotions and motivations and influence their decisions much more than data or fact sheets.

Conversion Value – client testimonials used in the customer journey can be an exceptionally powerful way to convert clients to make decisions in your favour as they are corroborating the positive thoughts they may already have about you.

Tip 6 – Develop your company video elevator pitch

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