Higher quality- greater value

Why Agile Video maximises marketing performance without compromising your brand values

What do people think when they hear the word ‘Agile’?   Leaner, faster, quicker? or more ambitious, more flexible? and better value for money?

With Agile Video, you get all of these things. By taking the trouble to pre-plan who your target audiences are and where they are likely to consume your content, you are ensuring that the content you eventually create is more relevant to their needs. And by using third party tools to determine what search terms, phrases and words are being used to describe your product, you can ensure your scripts and storyboards are even more relevant to their needs.

So, by the time you arrive at the creative script and storyboard stage you know what your audiences are looking for and the types of content you need to create and the types of propositions that will resonate with them the best.

You also know where and when they are likely to be candidates to consume your key marketing messages. And with careful scripting and storyboarding you can create as many versions of your proposition as necessary, all at the same time.

At the Video Labs when we embark on a typical Agile video project, we tend to create an average of 4 versions of the same animated explainer video- as we know that there is more likelihood of engagement with your brand and your product/service –if either or all 4 versions are deployed correctly. And through our research we know the average watch rates of each video per channel so we ensure the video lengths match that expectation.  A typical project would be something like this

8 second version – for Facebook

15 second version – for Linked in and Twitter 

30 second version  – for Instagram

60 seconds plus version – for You Tube, web site, landing page

And so, with Agile Video you are stretching the creative process even further to get greater value, whilst not compromising on the professional quality. And when your clients are searching for what they need they have more chance of finding it.


Higher quality- greater value- what everyone is searching for.

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