YouTube Channel Optimisation

We use proven techniques that help you harness the full potential of your YouTube channel: from auditing and advising on your current strategy or devising a new approach, through to developing content that is optimised to reach your target audience.

 Audits and Health Checks

Our experts assess your channel appearance, content and audience reach, providing you with a benchmark of how your channel is performing and areas where improvements can be made.


We offer a range of services to help you get the most from your YouTube channel, from content development through to data-driven optimisation that ensures you reach your market, no matter how niche.

Return On Investment

We can help you set up and implement social marketing campaigns across key online channels such as email, Twitter and LinkedIn, with full tracking and reporting.

 Some simple steps

Creating an effective business YouTube channel can give you a competitive advantage. There are a number of simple steps that you can take right away that will make your channel immediately more effective and these include:

  • Creating the 3 levels of content that your audience needs that YouTube describe as “Hygiene, Hub and Hero” levels
  • Making that content compelling so that you retain viewers and build your subscriptions
  • Scheduling regular additions to your channel
  • Optimising your  channel’s appearance and layout that users find it easy to navigate
  • Promoting your content via paid or unpaid advertising
  • Using social media to amplify your message
  • Measuring and adjusting your efforts based on the analytics package available within YouTube

The YouTube Creator Playbook describes all of these activities in more detail and we also offer a specific YouTube workshop on them.

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