Tip 10 – Being aware of the Pros and Cons of using Vimeo versus YouTube

10 top tips to use video to drive Business Development in Business to Business Marketing #10

In a recent study by the Video Labs we came up with these key considerations and concluded that rather than choosing between the two platforms you might wish to use both as they compliment rather than compete with each other.

Vimeo Pros 

You can create custom URLs.

You can easily update your videos without losing your analytic stats.

Its video encoding is flawless, picture quality is superb.

No ads are shown.

Vimeo Cons 

It can be costly. Monthly budgets and costs need to be considered if opting for the Pro and Business accounts.

You can only get in-depth analytics data with the Pro and Business account.

Vimeo has less traffic than YouTube this needs to be considered if you are considering reach.

Most third party platforms for optimization performance integrate with YouTube.

Unlimited channels are only available with a Pro Account.

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