Testing, Response and Usability

 Why video testing?

Increasingly, large brands are allocating increased budgets for video content marketing – in both b2b or b2c – but have no way of testing the quality of their video content with their target audiences.

The lack of accountability for agencies and videographers results in videos that are made based on assumptions on what is required by target audiences, rather than on real time feedback .

 What is the video labs solution?

We have developed VideoUX – a unique video testing service – for brand marketing teams and agencies to get real time feedback on their product and service videos . This will determine what their audiences are more likely to find interesting and what they don’t like about their existing videos, which informs the production process for future videos.

 How does it work?

Users submit their videos to the video labs to enable testing and feedback from target audiences. The Labs then performs a series of usability tests and sends the client a detailed scored report on each video by return.

 What are the benefits?

More compelling, relevant videos that resonate with target audiences and are more in tune with their needs and interests.

Improved performance of your video marketing strategy as video watch times and engagement rates improve. Our new white paper on
this is currently being produced. Click here to reserve your copy.

  Video CREAM methodology

We have developed our own proprietary testing methodology called CREAM – (video Cream UX copyright) – that will rank your video according to how compelling, relevant, engaging, actionable and memorable it is. To request a copy of the video CREAM methodology please click here.

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