Who are the Interactive Video Labs?

Sean Randles

Associate Director – Business Development
Sean is owner of webVM  and Associate Director of the Web Video Marketing Council UK. A Chartered Marketer and Chair of Chartered Institute of Marketing Manchester.

Sean brings over 25 years of experience in client and agency side marketing and is a specialist in business video marketing.

Gary Young

Associate Director – Creative
Gary is the Creative Director of Creation ADM based in Manchester city centre.

Gary’s experience covers TV advertising, branding, direct marketing and video design and development.

 About IVL

Guy Parker

Associate Director – Channels
Guy is Digital Director at Creation ADM and has 15 years software engineering experience as well as 10 years in website development.

Guy specialises in channel design, optimisation and analytics.

Joseph Asamoah

Head of Optimisation
Joseph heads our video optimisation team and is an expert in YouTube optimisation, viral video and online video platforms.

Jospeh previously worked in PPC for Laterooms and is a Ph D student in digital marketing at the University of Salford.

Michael Kosalka

Head of Live Video
Michael heads up the Video Labs social video apps activities and events consultancy leading on Google Hangouts, Periscope, Meerkat and Blab as well as YouTube Live.




 Cross Platform Video Marketing

The rise of online video in social media is fuelling demand for more effective cross platform marketing strategies amongst organisations of all sizes. Understanding how to create the right content and to get that message seen is at the heart of our philosophy.

Based in Manchester we offer agencies and in-house marketing teams the resources needed to be successful with their video marketing campaigns. We offer a range of workshops and training seminars that cover everything from YouTube to B2B corporate communications.

Alongside this we have access to a wide range of video production and testing facilities so if you need assistance with the “nuts and bolts” for a specific task then we can help.

 YouTube channel Audits

The majority of businesses have their own YouTube channel. Some have used it purely to host video content that can then be embedded on another platform such as their website. Others have spent money on developing content but have been left disappointed with the results.

A channel audit will help you understand the great and the not-so great elements of your work so far and enable you to begin the development of a highly effective YouTube channel strategy.

Please drop us a line if you would like us to perform an audit for you.