Tip 8 – Get a YouTube expert to ‘audit’ your company YouTube channel to drive competitive advantage

10 top tips to use video to drive Business Development in Business to Business Marketing #8

Have you setup a YouTube Business Channel that has very few views, subscribers or engagement?

An effective YouTube Business Channel requires key building blocks in place to ensure maximum performance.

To achieve this, your channel needs to be benchmarked against key performance indicators to identify the improvement opportunities that can drive lead generation and brand engagement – and outperform your competitors.

The best place to start is to run a YouTube Business Channel Audit which follows YouTube Creator Playbook guides to develop a qualitative and quantitative assessment based on appearance, content, search and integration to develop an action plan for on-going channel development.

Tip 9 – Introduce a generic video marketing and communications strategy into your existing Business Planning processes using the VIDEO AIM3s methodology and approach

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