A Strategic Framework For Your Next Video

In need of a strategic framework to plan your next product video – here are your essential key steps

For each video you produce you need to follow a sequence of essential steps to ensure you are maximising its value to your target audiences. Here are your essential key steps to ensure your next video delivers maximum ROI.

  1. Pre video – even before it is made, you need to ensure the script, narrative and key words and phrases used are ‘optimisable’ and relevant to the needs of your target audiences.
  2. Making the video – use a methodology to ensure the key components of a successful video are fully covered such as video CREAM – Compelling, Relevant, Engaging, Actionable and Memorable
  3. Video launch – Titles, descriptions, meta tags and keywords can have a major influence on how your video ranks and where it ranks for SEO on both Google and YouTube. You also need to seed your videos across multiple channels including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and increasingly on Instagram, as well as investing in Paid Promotion advertising.
  4. Post video – tracking and analysing your video metrics across all web touch-points to measure your ROI.
  5. Video testing- use a post video UX test such as video cream UX to gain real time feedback from your target audiences on what they thought of the video to inform future video production.
  6. If your agency or production company are not adopting a framework such as this then please feel free to refer them to the Video Labs where we will be happy to help them maximise the ROI of your future video marketing content.

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